Vaporize rigs

In the gas industry, Vaporize rigs is a very important equipment and indispensable in the process of production and consumption.
Made from the raw material is aluminum alloy, it's lightweight and solid structures. Its effect is liquefied gas with a certain pressure, generated process heat exchangers quickly.

gian hoa hoi

In addition to applications in the gas industry, vaporize rigs is also applied in other fields such as welding, steel, heat, food, electronics ...
Depending on the purpose of use that companies need to buy new equipment or hire again. To save and avoid wastage of financial resources, the Sigma company supplies Vaporize rigs rentals for all individuals and companies at home and abroad.

In addition, we also lease several devices and other related machineries as:
- Industrial gas tanks
- Industrial Pumps
- Lines for the production of industrial gases.
- Medical equipment.

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