The vacuum has an important role in research in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology. It is necessary in many industrial processes

What is vacuum?

Vacuums sigmagroups

A vacuum is a space absolutely no material ("absolute vacuum"). In fact, we are talking about a vacuum when the air pressure in a space under atmospheric pressure. (Relatively vacuum)


Vacuum is used in incandescent light bulbs to protect the fibers from chemical degradation.
- Ultra-high vacuum is used in the study of atomically clean substrates.
- Vacuum Packed: be used to suck air around perishable goods such as food products: cheese and meat with duration of use is desired.
- Electron Beam Welding, cold welding.
- Electronic Microscope
- Vacuum-driven machines: Vacuums are commonly used to produce suction, provide power assistance for the brakes .

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